Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The beggining...

Hello world!

My name is Samantha Ratcliffe, im a 23 year old graphic design student currently studying at the Univeristy of Cumbira in Carlisle. i'll be leaving there in the comming june and i am thouroghly looking forward to life as a full time creative! So this is my first go at a blog, hopefully it will keep you all slightly entertained and hopefully it will give me the opportunity to share my work and interests with all you lovely people.

So my first bit or real news is that i will be taking part in an exhibiton tomorrow night at Jenx in Blackpool. It is an exhibiton for artists, performers, musicians etc. so it should be an intresting mix! anyway, i will be following up very soon with some pictures and if all goes well, hopefully some new connections and maybe even some clients! If you are intrested in taking part in the exhibition yourself, get in touch with 'Jac Charlsworth' on Facebook and she will give you the low down, its not too late!! However, if you just want to come down and see mine and other peoples work, doors open at half 8 and its free entry before 10.

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